Small track plans for gauge H0 for lack of space
Since I do not have so much space, I am thinking about small and compact H0 model railroad layouts. Since I am not the only one with this situation, and I enjoy developing new approaches for small H0 track systems and model railways, I publish here my plans and approaches on the subject. Many insights and thoughts about „Small H0 Track Plans“ I also put in my little blog. I am happy about comments, tips and suggestions. Feel free to use the commentary features.

My topic are small H0 concepts and track systems – for space reasons :)

I think and plan the smaller compact H0 systems or track plans. At the beginning me and my son took the Märklin C tracks but now I have plans for several systems. It was so without much thought Since we are completely restarted with our model railway, we have decided to use the digital control system. I use the RailModeller Pro for the planning of the small H0 track and model railway systems. There is also a free version for testing. For the PC, there are certainly a number of programs, because the Mac is the Railmodeller TipTop.

Trix Gleisplan Rangieranlage

Trix H0-Track Plan 8ft x 3.3ft: Grain and flour transfer in Wallscheidt

Die Herausforderung: eine schnell zu realisierende Anlage für viel Güterbetrieb auf einer Fläche von 240 cm x 100 cm und das mit TRIX C-Gleis. Die Anlage ist von 2 Seiten offen.